Museum Blogs is closed

It is with regret that we inform you that will no longer continue operating as a museum blog directory and aggregator. Thank you for your interest in this project, and best wishes for the continued success of your blogs.

Project History

The Original Idea
Museum Blogs was concieved as a directory of museum and museum-related blogs and aggregator. Like its companion site, Museum Blogs, the purpose of this site was to raise awareness and increase the authority of sites focusing on museum-related issues.

The Directory
This moderated directory provided a central website for listings to museum-related blogs.

The Blog
All of the blogs were from the RSS feeds of the blogs included in the directory. The aggregated blogs feed was powered by Ideum's own RSS Mixer.

Who and Why? was created by Ideum, a design company that creates multitouch computer-based interactives and Websites for museums, non-profits, and educational organizations. Check out our multitouch table. Also, you may wish to visit Open Exhibits, an open source initiative.

The idea for came about after we conducted an informal survey of museum blogs & community sites in March of 2006. A year later, Ideum and Powerhouse Museum conducted the first comprehensive museum blog survey for the Museums and the Web conference.

This site was run as a public service and encouraged community participation. The site did not accept advertising.